maxdrinks are made with all-natural ingredients, including pure spring water and blue agave nectar.

these are functional beverages designed to naturally balance the mood, reduce stress and/or increase productivity.



MaxUp - Like a power up, this delicious, healthy, sugar-free vitality drink brings your brain to life. Made with coenzyme Q10, a naturally occurring protein that promotes brain and heart health.

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MaxIn - restore calmness, promote clarity. Gaba helps reduce anxiety, can help you find mental balance.

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MaxOut - recharge mental alterness. Provides energy and periods of increaded physical and mental exertiaon.

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made with pure spring water

Our spring water comes from an exclusive and unique source, located right in the heart of British Columbia. Naturally filtered for over seventy years by the Rocky Mountains, our spring water is so pure it can be utilized completely untreated. Clean, crisp, great tasting water, just how nature intended.


sweetened with blue agave

maxdrinks are all sweetened with blue agave as an alternative to sugar. Blue Agave not only reduces cholesterol, but it has anti-inflammatory properties, is vegan friendly and low on the glycemic index for diabetics.